Hacerlo bien, hacerlo mal, hacerlo insultante...

Pues con el resto de la "troupe" acá flipando con el "Company of Heroes" y comiendose de gratis mi ancho de banda me da por dejar una entrada.

Como dice el titulo hay tres formas de hacer un juego; hacerlo bien, hacerlo mal y hacerlo como EA. Por sorprendente que resulte en este caso las GRANDES CAGADAS nos la encontramos en el primer (y unico) parche de actualización del proximo compañero de ET en el desierto que algunos tuvimos la desgracia de jugar (yo me lo acabé, con dos cojones y dos días sin WoW).

Estas son las expertas soluciones de los errores que solo pueden calificarse como LOL en este "juego"

I. Fixes/Improvements

- Hit detection on bodyparts improved
- Shotgun at extremely close range improved
- Added "Host disconnected" message for clients when the host
unexpectedly disconnects
- Increased "Say" characters from 25 to 40
- "Say" messages stay on the screen longer
- Max 8 "Say" messages instead of 4 on screen at once
- Version # on main menu screen "v1.1"
- Increased max players in CTF to 14
- Increased max players in Invasion to 6
- Increased max time limits for all multiplayer game types to 2
- TDM and CTF Scores are now centered
- Added more CTF score options (3,4). Previously was only
- Mouse clicks no longer "go through" settings menus
- Map rotation order bug fixed
- Server list disappearing bug fixed
- More difference between medium and high detail settings.
Medium detail now has less quality but better performance.
- Ch08 (sniper level) script fix: Less chance Otis will get
- New Invasion map (INRiver)
- New CTF map (CTFRiver)
- New Deathmatch level (DMRiver)
- LOTD Editor included (Not officially supported)
- Custom maps will automatically download from host
- Dedicated server option (via command line)

II. Known Issues

- It is not possible to host a downloaded custom map that you
received by connecting to a match. To host a custom map you
need to obtain the .dz file and place it in the
"Land of the Dead/Levels" Directory.

- A v1.0 client will appear to freeze if they attempt to join a
v1.1 custom created map. The game is actually downloading the
map but there is no message indicating this is happening.

- If the "Quit" button when downloading a custom map
gets stuck, click it quickly multiple times.

- Clients trying to connect to a host that has a different verion
of a file with the same name will get a "Package Version Mismatch"
error. This will only happen if someone modifies game files but
doesnt save it as a unique name.

- Clients connecting to a server which has a rotation which
includes a different version of a file with the same name will
get a "Connection Failed. Trying to reconnect..." message. In
order to get in this match you must delete the file in the Land
of the Dead/Levels

- When more than two clients who are sharing the same IP (playing
behind a router) try to connect to a server, some clients will
drop upon map rotation due to a limit on concurrent connections.
To fix this, the host must open the LOTD.ini file located in the
\Land of the Dead\System folder and change the line
"MaxConnPerIPPerMinute=" to equal a higher number like 30.

Para concluir una pequeña pantalla del cutre juego "D1RT" el cuar recién instalado ya te quita las ganas de jugar cuando intentas configurar los graficos en el "launcher":

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Ahí queda eso, nos vemos.

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